A Fine example of a Healey 55 Marine Sports Classic Boat
completely restored - for sale
Last updated 28.11.07

Lady Christie” has recently spent many months undergoing restoration at Peter Freebody’s workshops at their Hurley boatyard in Berkshire, England. It is a fine example of the Healey Marine Sports Boat 55. This particular model was Donald Healey’s first venture into the world of boatbuilding, and of the 40 or so built during the mid 1950’s very few survive today.

This boat was originally owned by Lady Christie to take her from Brownsea Island to Poole Harbour. It was then purchased and used on the River Thames up until the early 70’s. After that it was taken out of the water and stored in a garage. The current owner purchased the boat in October 2005 (being only the third owner in 50 years) and commissioned the Freebody boat yard to carry out a complete restoration of the boat and engine to the very highest standards.

During restoration no serial numbers were found and the yard think it could possibly be the first prototype.
In their opinion, this is one of the finest examples of a
Healey 55 Marine Sports Boat in the world today.

This boat would be ideally suited to a collector, and particularly an Austin Healey enthusiast. If you are interest in further details about the boat, please email peterfreebody@btconnect.com (who restored the boat).
For other contact details visit their website on: http://www.boatbuilder.co.uk/index.htm or contact Richard Freebody.


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